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In the long run, not being their father might just be the only thing that keeps them alive.

Jon walks north, past the smoking, crow-pecked corpses of Wildlings, and surrenders to the Free Folk, asking to negotiate with Mance Rayder.

The same thing that happens every other day: Someone dies.

He gathers together some scary needles while Pycelle calls his work “dangerous and unnatural," but Cersei wants her monster back, so she greenlights whatever Frankenstein grotesquery that is sure to follow.

Qyburn says his process may omniously “change” Clegane, but Cersei says she doesn't care.

She's already won her game against Tyrion, after all, so the dutiful daughter act drops like a curtain on a play.

She says she's willing to burn her house to the ground before she marries again or lets Margaery dig her claws into Tommen.

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