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I am curious as to whom I can take this, to find out it's type and current price.I have bought the Scotts guide to identifying stamps but have difficulty in identifying which "type" this stamp is-hard as I have tried.

Attached is the photo of the stamps in questions, if you have any idea of the value or where to find the value we would greatly appreciate the input. Specifically, I am looking for: 1945 U-Boot-Feldpost Hela Kreta and Aegaische Inseln Luftfeld post--various islands Packenmarken from various Aegaische islands Agramer Druck from these islands Rhodes Weihnachtsmarke 1944 Kurland luftpost 1945 Mahrisch-Ostrau Sudentenland Laibach 1944 2L Please let me know if you have any of these stamps. E-Mail E-Mail Good day I would like to know which American President had 1000 000 stamps in his collection? Kind Regards, Agnes Mngomezulu E-Mail I would like to know if two (2) 1906 postage stamps, a 1906 business card and other items from that era are of any value.Thank you, Patty E-Mail Good Day, We would like to inform you about the collection of stamps, our client has prepared for the sale.The collection is consist of valuable individual stamps and several collections.Thank you, Bob Medof E-Mail Good Evening, My name is Kimberley Harbour and i am on the quest of helping my Opa, find the value of a certain section from his collection of stamps. Best regards Julek Szostakowski E-Mail Hi, I'm Hossein from Iran.My Opa has many stamps from WW1 & [email protected] as he lived in his hometown in Austria at the time. I want to sell my philatelic materials, best regards, Hossein, E-Mail Hi wants to send you some of my grandfather's Collection such that you may give us worthy or more info about the story behind these stamps ..

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