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Manik decides to sacrifice his love for his best friend.As Dhruv had saved his life when they were younger, he always felt Dhruv was better than him thus a better suitor for Nandini.Initially he fights the attraction but eventually gives in.

When Soha Khurana (Jasmine Avasia) enters as the obsessed fan of Manik, Nandini becomes close to Manik again, as she couldn't stand the thought of anyone else being with him.

The second season is more of an epilogue of the first, on how each person lives start to change and evolve. Nandini becomes the main target for Manik after she punches him in front of the entire college for his misbehaviour.

Nandini decides to move to Mumbai for the treatment of her younger brother, Rishabh and for her to study in a reputed science college. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Nandini ends up being Manik's slave/spot where he continues on troubling her until his girlfriend Alya intervenes and asks him to leave Nandini alone as she feels he is becoming too involved with her.

The show saw a drop in ratings during the second season when the lead actor Parth Samthaan decided to quit to pursue a film career however he was brought back due to fans demand.

Apparently the show is all set to make a comeback with its third season but as a web-series this time.

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