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Chronicle #5, Book of Days, is also an ebook in both nook and Kindle, and the rest will be following shortly. They’re a coming of age series wrapped around mysteries, but at their core, they’re a long evolving love story. Lucy Lou, I read Devoured by Emily Snow (rock star romance and first in series)!The protagonists are adults, and think and feel like adults within the muffling, surreal world of rock stardom. I have eighteen published novels out, and the Kinkaids are far and away the books of my heart. Oh, and my narrator, JP Kinkaid, has my long-ago ex’s voice: Nicky Hopkins. * Sigh* Anyway, almost finished with “Reflected In You” by Sylvia Day, and realized you might want to add it to the list because of the cameo appearance of Brett Kline, the rock star still in love with Eva. It came out today and available at Amazon and B&N .99. Angtsy I had an ARC copy from the author and I’m telling you it is worth the read!!!!Heck I should start lending I have tons of books (Rock & Roll and others) on both my Kindle & Nook. I loved Beautiful Disaster can’t wait for Travis side. Here you go girlie 2 BRAND new ones that just came out: Give & Receive – Alisa Anderson- ROCK Star M/FM Ruining Me- Nicole Reed- Rock Star – love triangle!I read SC Stephens Collision Course absolutely loved it . – 3 guys to choose from, the Rock Star, the tattooed bartender, and the sweet boyfriend Great list – need to up date you on the JP Kinkaid Chronicles, though.May I just say everybody my all time #1 rock star book is thoughtless and effortless !! I read it, it seems more like the beginning of a novel that was cut off. For some reason these books are only offered in paper, no downloads.) 1 Rock and Roll Never Forgets – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 2 While My Guitar Gently Weeps – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 3 London Calling – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 4 Graceland – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 5 Book of Days – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 6 Uncle John’s Band – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 7 Dead Flowers – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien Rock & Roll Mystery Series by RJ Mc Donnell (not romance, but looks like good suspenseful mysteries): 1 Rock & Roll Homicide (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell 2 Rock & Roll Rip-Off (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell 3 The Concert Killer (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell Since you live in Florida, I thought of you when I saw “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Jo Anne Kenrick.It’s an erotic novella about a rock star and his ex-fling that get caught in a hurricane together. Here are a few more Everything But (Tangled Web)- Jade C.

I Am Nobody- Emma Hillman- book about a band M/F/M Gilded Cage- Alexandra Richland Groupies- Nico Servis Shadows Steal The Light- Christine London After Midnight- Sarah Grimm Apassionato- Erin M.

I already pre-ordered Double Time by Olivia Cunning only been waiting like FOREVER for that to come out!

I also had purchased the ones you last added to the list. I start reading Olivia Cunning’s books as soon as they go live, then I’m done in a day or an all night readfest and have to wait FOREVER for the next one.

He played piano for the Stones, the Who, Kinks and a whole lot more. I bought The Gift also I need to check and update I have a few more new ones to add to the list too! “The Gift” by Pamela Warren “Larger Than Life” by Kay Hooper “Love Notes” by Avis Exley This series looks good Maker’s Song series by Adrian Phoenix (DANTE is a Vampire. Begotten son of the fallen angel Lucien) Rumored owner of the hot New Orleans nightspot Club Hell.

Book 1 “A Rush of Wings” Book 2 “In the Blood” Book 3 “Beneath The Skin” Book 4 “Etched In Bone” “On Midnight Wings”: Book Five of The Maker’s Song by Adrian Phoenix(Aug 1, 2013) Lucy Lou I liked As You Wish it was a fun read but heck you and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to rock stars!

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